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Hey! I wanted to ask your opinion on something. So about a month ago I realised that my parents were getting a divorce and 1 week after my exams my father left the house. So now, life as I knew it is over. I managed to tell a few of my "friends", bc in my opinion not all of them should have that designation, and somehow that don't seem to give a crap about what I'm going through or how I have been doing. What should I do? I don't want their pitty, just wish they cared a little more...
- Anonymous

ummm divorce is difficult for everybody and you have to talk to somebody, maybe write your feelings in a paper and talk to a family member cause they are with the same doubts as you and talk a little more with your friends cause they have a different pov about it. Just keep going with your life and try new hobbies and  activities to keep your mind away of this. Just focus on something new and your life will be on the right track again ;)